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I’m a Dulux Accredited Painter

Dulux Accredited PainterEbix Australia Checked and ApprovedPainter's Workmanship 5 Year Warranty

I’ve been a Dulux accredited painter for 11 years.

Why? What difference does it make?

  • You don’t apply to be a Dulux accredited painter. You get invited because of your experience and your reputation for doing reliable, quality work. For your professionalism, customer satisfaction and reliability.
  • Dulux is Australia’s most trusted paint brand (Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey 2016).
  • Dulux accreditation isn’t something you’re given for life. Painting licences and professional insurance are verified annually by the independent Ebix Trades Monitor. Professional standards are regularly checked.
  • Dulux accredited painters sign a Dulux Accredited Painter Program Charter of Values. To remain part of the program, painters must uphold strict standards of
    • Integrity
    • Client satisfaction
    • Excellence
    • Sustainable solutions
    • Adherence to health and safety legislation
  • As a Dulux accredited painter, I offer my own 5 Year Workmanship Warranty. And in my case, it’s backed up by my own particular standards of work and attention to detail.