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How We Work

We listen

We take the time to learn about your vision. We offer you a solution and a quote designed to achieve your goals. No spin, just a low-key, honest, professional approach.

We prepare

We evaluate every part of the job. We look at the environmental and physical wear and tear each area will receive. We prepare. Thoroughly. We don’t cut corners. Every detail counts, and preparation is the foundation of all good painting.

We take pride in our work

We meet our commitments. That means if we say we’ll be there at 7am, that’s when you’ll see us. We’re open about how we’re approaching your job, and we invite you to inspect the progress any time you wish.

We leave behind a fully completed, reliable result

Your paint job should last for many years. A poorly prepared and executed paint job starts to deteriorate within a couple of years. If a job is well done, there’s no need for this to happen, regardless of the age of your property.

We make sure you’re happy

I like to walk away from a job feeling proud of the work I’ve done. I want my client to be genuinely happy and satisfied.

Since our initial meeting [over ten years ago], we have engaged Craig to handle the painting of various other properties…

– John, Brighton

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We’ve used Craig a number of times and every time Craig does a professional job, and the finish is always top quality.

– Jeffrey, Mornington

A few weeks after the job was finished, we were surprised to receive a call from Craig. He organised a time to visit, review the results, and make sure we were happy. In fact, we were so happy that we used his visit to organise for him to do more work for us.

– Lorellie, Mount Eliza

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